Nye County School District's Technology and Information Department consists of two divisions that often work hand-in-hand to create and maintain systems to provide our students and teachers with state-of-the-art technology in every classroom.


  • The Technology Systems division consists of four employees: a supervisor, two system administrators, and a TS specialist. This team manages the user-facing technology as well as all of the district infrastructure, digital security, backup/recovery, and troubleshooting.

  • We support over 15,000 devices.

  • As of 2019, all locations from Pahrump through Tonopah are provided internet through fiber connections with speeds ranging from 5GB to 100MB depending on the school population size. Bandwidth is adjustable through our ISP with our Category 1 eRate agreement on an annual basis.

    • Round Mountain, Gabbs, and Duckwater are provided internet through a Microwave WAN link with speeds between 35mb and 100mb depending on the school population and size.

  • Every school has a 1:1 Chromebook program, where each student can be assigned an individual device. Some schools offer a check out program for the Chromebooks while others reserve them for classroom use with enough devices in each classroom. The decision whether to use an in-class model or a check-out model is made by the school administration.

  • We use the Federal eRate grant process to support funding for our bandwidth (Category 1) and our switch and router infrastructure (Category 2). We review our needs each year of the five-year cycle and apply according to need and available funding.

  • NCSD Grants has worked to provide a significant amount of technology into classrooms, technology we would not otherwise be able to provide, like Chromebooks, SmartBoards, SmartPanels, 3D printers, Virtual Reality systems, and various software.

  • Parents digitally sign the Network Use Agreement during the online registration process. The agreement and other documents can be viewed using the links on the left of this page.


  • The IS division consists of four employees: a supervisor, two data analysts, and an IS specialist. The IS division also pulls in support from the curriculum and accountability teams for certain projects like annual assessments, online registration, and new course approval.

  • Our student information system is Infinite Campus.

  • The IS division holds responsibility for all student data and its integrity as well as digital curriculum integrations and state/federal reporting.

    • Data integrity requires constant monitoring and collaboration with those entering data at our schools. The team supports administrators, secretaries, and teachers for both individual professional development and troubleshooting.

    • Instructional tools are becoming more and more digital, and as a result our IS team creates integrations to make accessing those tools as seamless as possible for our students and teachers. For example, our online elementary reading and math materials are assigned to students and teachers automatically based on their assigned grade, classes, and subjects.

    • The state requires approximately 35 annual reports to meet the legislative requirements, and each can take several days to complete using backend tools and SQL scripting.

  • NCSD also works closely with the Nevada Department of Education with representation on the Infinite Campus Governance Board and in the Infinite Campus Beta Testing Program.

  • Our team also provides data and reports to school administrators to help them make informed decisions regarding everything from playground supervision to instructional focus.


  • NCSD Technology frequently works with the M&O department of the following items:

    • School security and camera systems

    • Installation of SmartBoards

    • HVAC computer systems

Note to Vendors

Vendors, we do not accept cold calls for sales nor do we provide any information about our network or planning over the phone with a cold call. Also, repeated cold calls will likely be met with irritation and overtly rude responses. Generally, we don’t like the phone at all. Email us.