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Nye County School District The Best of Both Worlds

Nye County is geographically among the largest school districts in the United States covering approximately 18,000 square miles. Our size provides a variety of opportunities for our employees and students.

The schools range in size from the 1350 students at Pahrump Valley High School to the 30 K-12 students at the Gabbs schools.

Nye County provides access to a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, four-wheeling, skiing, hunting, geocaching, and rock climbing. We have a storied history and dozens of unusual attractions to explore, like the ghost walks in Tonopah, the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Weather is temperate most of the year in southern Nye with long periods of fall/spring weather and a desert summer from June through August. Northern Nye County provides more traditional seasons with a dry warm summer and snowy winters, but the snow is never more than a few inches, just enough for a snowman or two.

With dark nights and clear skies every town is ideal for any amateur astronomer.

Each Nye County community is welcoming and unique, with its own history, adventures, and activities; plus convenient access to wilderness, mountains, and a major airport.

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Why Work with Us


Teacher's Support Teachers

Every new teacher is assigned a mentor within their building. Mentor relationships build strong friendships while sharing ideas and knowledge about students, curriculum, and the district.

We provide three days of new teacher training at the beginning of the year and have five in-service days for professional development.

Every school has 50-55 minutes of Professional Learning Community (PLC) time built into the daily schedule apart from teacher prep time. Schools use this time for professional development as well as collaboration and data analysis.

Plus we have fun.



The Nevada Academic Content Standards are used to guide instruction in all schools and to prepare students for career, college, and civic readiness.

Our curriculum department has implemented a seven-year cycle of adoption to ensure we are using materials aligned with best-practices.

The adoption process involves teachers from all schools. We adopted the Savvas enVision Math materials in 20/21 and began implementation in the fall of the 21/22 school year for all grade levels.

We reviewed materials for ELA and Reading during the 21/22 school year and began implementation of the selected HMH materials in the fall of 22/23.

A secondary science adoption also took place in 21/22, and we selected the McGraw-Hill Inspire Science materials.



We have a one-to-one Chromebook program throughout the district. Teachers can use both digital and traditional curriculum materials.

We also have fiber directly to a majority of our schools, providing an average of one mbps of broadband access per student, which is the goal of the federal Department of Education.

More Chromebooks


Nevada Retirement

NCSD offers a generous employee benefit program for eligible employees: A PERS contribution is paid by the district, as are premiums for health, dental, vision policies and a $10,000 life insurance policy. New employees are fully vested in PERS after five years.

The District also offers fifteen days of sick leave per year as well as personal and professional leave. An additional benefit of living in Nevada is no state income tax and low cost of living.

Nye County Communities

Beatty Days


Beatty is a small town with a tight knit community. It is considered the Gateway to Death Valley, with quick access to several recreational adventures.

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BHS Football
Welcome to Pahrump


Pahrump is a medium sized town just over the mountains about 50 miles N.W. of Las Vegas. The community offers quick access to dozens of outdoor activities as well as several community events.

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Balloon Festival


Tonopah is located about halfway between Reno and Las Vegas and is a small town community with many recreational activities including hiking, stargazing, off-roading, and more.

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But Wait... There's More

Nye County is home to several small rural and tribal communities with schools and a close family atmosphere.

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Community Partnerships

Early Childhood Education

Partnerships & Parent Engagement

  • The Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club provides internships for PVHS Automotive Technology students.

  • The Valley Electric Association provides internships and work experience opportunities to students nearing graduation.

  • Students in the Early Childhood Career Education program work with elementary students at Johnson Elementary.

  • We partner with the NyE Communities Coalition to provide students with workplace development as well as work-based learning, and to provide a SAFE after school program.

  • We had a robust volunteer program providing over 6,000 hours of assistance to teachers and schools annually prior to the pandemic. We hope to have this program up and running again in the near future.

  • The Americorps program provides support to the district within schools and the district office.

  • Each school provides a variety of programs to bring parents into the learning process with their children.

    • Reading and Math Nights

    • Holiday Festivals

    • Movie Nights

    • Informational Workshops (1) (2)

Our Schools

Four-Day Schools

Amargosa Valley Sandblasters

Beatty Hornets

Amargosa Valley Sandblasters

Amargosa Valley is located about 55 miles Northwest of Pahrump. It is a small mining and agricultural community with a family focused migrant community.

The school serves children from PreK through 8th grade; the high school students attend Beatty High School.

The school ranges from 150 to 175 students each year with a teacher at each grade level and an intervention coach to support student learning.

Amargosa is also on a four day schedule, making every weekend a long weekend.

Amargosa Valley Sandblasters

The Beatty community is home to two campuses, Beatty Elementary/Middle (PreK-8th) and Beatty High School.

The schools serve between 190 and 220 students each year with the majority of students at Beatty High School coming from Amargosa.

The size of both campuses allow the faculty and staff to know each student individually, and the high school provides robust CTE programs in autoshop, welding, health, and computer science.

Beatty is also on a four day schedule, leaving more time to enjoy long weekends.

Gabbs Tarantulas


Gabbs, NV is a remote rural community of agriculture, mining, and tribal families.

Gabbs teachers provide instruction and support to approximately 30-40 students from kindergarten through high school in a newly remodeled facility.

The two elementary teachers provide traditional instruction to students in groups kinder-second grades and third-fifth grades.

Secondary instruction uses the digital platform SchoolsPLP to provide curriculum that is supported by an experienced teacher and classroom aides.

Gabbs is on a four day per week schedule.

Round Mountain Knights & Squires

Tonopah Muckers & Jackhammers

Round Mountain

Round Mountain is a growing mining community serving approximately 300 students each year. The single campus houses grades kinder through high school.

Round Mountain is on a four day per week schedule.

Tonopah Muckers

Tonopah is a rural community centered around mining, agriculture, and historic tourism. The schools serve approximately 350 students each year.

Currently, the community has two campuses, one Pre-K-5th and one 6th-12th. However, the school district is in the process of building a new elementary facility on the same grounds as the current secondary school, making one facility for all grades. Tonopah Schools are on a four day school week, allowing long weekends to explore central Nevada or travel. Our students and families are friendly and class sizes are small.

Pahrump Schools

Elementary Schools

Floyd Bobcats

Floyd Elementary

Hafen Scorpions

Hafen Elementary

Johnson Mustangs

J.G. Johnson Elementary

Manse Hawks

Manse Elementary

Pahrump has four elementary schools serving between 400 to 550 students per campus. Each school has three to four teachers at each grade level and its own unique traditions. All of the elementary schools have a positive and collaborative culture, and they utilize Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) with students.

Manse: is a Kagan school with onsite Kagan peer coaches, as well as GATE and intervention teachers. They are currently working towards a state designation in STEM. Their goal is to inspire long life learners through a STEM blended curriculum.


Secondary Schools

Rosemary Clarke Sharks

Pahrump Valley Trojans

Rosemary Clarke Middle

Rosemary Clarke Middle School serves about 950 students in the Pahrump Valley.

Students are offered a variety of STEAM courses as well as traditional classes and electives, and it provides a wide range of after school activities through clubs and sports.

Pahrump Valley High

Pahrump Valley High school serves nearly 1,350 students as the only traditional high school in the valley.  Our students are involved in their high school experience in many ways through clubs, service organizations, CTE programs, and state-winning athletics.  With a focus on "Every Student a Success," administration and staff are committed to making individual connections and supporting students through academics in a block schedule.  With opportunities similar to a large school and the connections of a small town, PVHS is home of the Trojans and a hub in our community. 


Special Programs

Mt. Charleston Cougar Cubs

Pathways Innovative Schools

Mt. Charleston PreK

Mt. Charleston Elementary is the PreK campus for the Pahrump area, serving approximately 200 PreK students.

Mt. Charleston elementary teaches preK standards through the use of a hands-on, project based curriculum. We focus on developmentally appropriate practices including learning through play.  Our campus may be the second happiest place on earth.


Pathways Innovative Education is a non-traditional online program that serves approximately 250 students each year.

Students can work flexibly between online classes using the digital platform SchoolsPLP to provide curriculum. Every student can meet with a teacher online and in person for additional support and tutoring.

Mountains in the snow


Campfire Photo by Tomas Malik