A little preparation improves parent-teacher conferences Your student may be a teen, but that doesn't mean you should stop having parent-teacher conferences. Teaming up with the teachers always benefits your student. For the best results, plan ahead. Ask your teen if he has any concerns. Then, list things you want to discuss with the teacher, such as changes at home, your teen's strengths and interests, his progress, and ways you can help him with schoolwork. https://tpitip.com/?31jJ8433 Un poco de preparación mejora las reuniones con los maestros http://tpitip.com/?41jJ8433
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For success with flash cards, divide and conquer Studying with flash cards is a great way for students to memorize a large number of math facts, definitions, dates or vocabulary words. When working with flash cards, divide them into small groups. Shuffling the cards each time they're used will help your child learn the facts in any order. Frequent, short study sessions are best. Spend the most time on the cards your child has yet to master. https://tpitip.com/?11jE8433 Las claves para estudiar con tarjetas son dividir y dominar https://tpitip.com/?21jE8433
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Before you meet with the teacher, talk to your child Getting your child's perspective is an important way to prepare for a parent-teacher conference. Ask your child questions about how school is going, such as: "What do you like about your class this year?" "What are some of the most successful things you've done?" "What was the most difficult project for you so far?" He will know that his opinions count, and that you and the teacher are working together to help him learn. https://tpitip.com/?11jC8433 Amplíe la escritura descriptiva con un juego de adjetivos https://tpitip.com/?21jB8433
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Make sure your working teen has time for schoolwork Many high school students will be looking for part-time jobs during this school year. Jobs can have great benefits for teens, but they shouldn't interfere with students' school performance. Remember that school accounts for at least 30 hours each week (and an activity can add 10 more). Limit your teen's employment hours to 10 per week, and watch his grades. If they drop, he should cut back on work hours. School is your teen's main job. https://tpitip.com/?31ia8433 Si su joven tiene un empleo, verifique que no descuide el trabajo escolar https://tpitip.com/?41ia8433
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Build your teen's project-management skills The ability to manage long-term assignments is a critical study skill. When your teen has a term paper or other big project to do, teach him to break the assignment down into smaller chunks. For example, he'll need to pick a topic, do research, decide what to cover, make an outline, write a rough draft, edit and write a final draft. Help your teen define his steps, figure out how each will get done, and assign a deadline for each. https://tpitip.com/?31iY8433 Desarrolle las habilidades de su joven para abordar proyectos https://tpitip.com/?41iY8433
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Can you collect all the letters on an alphabet hike? Turn an ordinary walk into an alphabet hike and have some learning fun! Have your child write the alphabet on a piece of paper. Then grab a grocery bag and set out together to find one item that starts with each letter. Pull up a Dandelion, pick up a Penny, dig for a Worm. When you get home, ask your child to arrange the items in alphabetical order. https://tpitip.com/?11iV8433 ¿Pueden juntar objetos para todas las letras del alfabeto en una caminata? https://tpitip.com/?21iV8433
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Respect sets the stage for learning Healthy respect for people is an important basis for a productive learning environment. Teach your child that common courtesies (like saying "thank you" and "excuse me") and honesty are important ways of showing respect. Listening to others' views and accepting their differences is another. Model respectful behavior, and offer praise when you see your child being courteous and respectful. https://tpitip.com/?11iP8433 El respeto prepara el camino para el aprendizaje https://tpitip.com/?21iP8433
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Overcoming setbacks is an important way to learn If your teen fails a test or receives a bad report card, she can still benefit from it. Teach her that failure is really an opportunity to solve a problem. Help her swap words like "failure" for words like "setback" that make it clear the situation is temporary. Let her know that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Then help your teen find out what resources are available at school. https://tpitip.com/?31iO8433 Superar los reveses es una manera importante de aprender https://tpitip.com/?41iO8433
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Encourage your teen to talk before writing The next time your teen agonizes over a writing assignment, suggest that she talk it through. She can talk to herself, to you, to someone else or even to an audio recorder. Once she's explained her points out loud, it will be a lot easier to write a rough draft. When it's time to refine the draft, suggest that your teen talk some more. https://tpitip.com/?31iH8433 Sugiérale a su joven que hable antes de escribir https://tpitip.com/?41iH8433
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Nothing beats the power of reading aloud What's one simple thing you can do to help your child do better in school? Read aloud every day. To make the most of read-aloud time, make it a priority. Plan for it, set aside time for it, and then just do it. Read books you and your child both enjoy. It's also fine to read some books that are a little too hard for your child to read alone. These books are great to introduce new vocabulary. https://tpitip.com/?11iG8433 Nada supera el poder de la lectura en voz alta - https://tpitip.com/?21iG8433
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Help your child discover the library Want to give your child a gift that will last a lifetime but doesn't cost a cent? Make sure every member of your family has a library card. September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. If you haven't visited your library lately, help your child discover its offerings this month. Find out how to take advantage of its collections and programs. Then plan to visit the library and its website regularly with your child throughout the year. https://tpitip.com/?11iD8433 Ayude a su hijo a descubrir la biblioteca https://tpitip.com/?21iD8433
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Create a structure your teen can rely on The start of this school year will be a transition time for all students. To support your teen as she navigates changes, help her establish routines and habits she can rely on. Work with her to schedule the time she needs to fulfill responsibilities. Have her choose a regular study time when she is most alert. Encourage her to keep track of her grades and to ask her teachers for help right away if she is struggling or falling behind. And establish screen-free times for conversation and creative thinking. https://tpitip.com/?31iA8433 Cree una estructura en la que su joven pueda apoyarse https://tpitip.com/?41iA8433
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We are ready to greet future teachers at Dixie State today from 1:00-4:00!
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Dixie State College Greeting Table
Attendance is important from day one Children who don't attend school regularly fall behind and score lower on tests. They can have a hard time making and keeping friends. And frequent absences in elementary school can set a pattern that makes a child more likely to drop out of school later. Don't let your child skip school for reasons other than illness or emergency. If she regularly resists attending, talk to the teacher. https://tpitip.com/?11hZ8433 La asistencia es importante desde el primer día https://tpitip.com/?21hZ8433
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Make an argument for attendance "Why do I have to go to school anyway?" If your teen asks this question, offer these facts: 1. Teens can't learn as well if they aren't in class. 2. Teens are more likely to get into trouble if they aren't in school. One study found that 78 percent of prison inmates started out as truants. 3. Truant teens can have trouble getting a job. Some employers check attendance records before hiring a teen. https://tpitip.com/?31hW8433 Promueva la asistencia https://tpitip.com/?41hW8433
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Nye County School District would like to inform you the IRS has reached out to America’s school districts to help spread the word about the advance payments of the 2021 Child Tax Credit, which could be as much as $1,800 per qualifying child. These payments are being sent automatically to taxpayers who qualified based on their 2020 tax returns. Please check your email for the IRS Flyer we have been asked to share with you. English Flyer: https://5il.co/xiul Spanish Flyer: https://5il.co/xium
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Child Tax Credit Informatino
Add an element of thinking to family activities The most successful students are thinking students. To stretch your family's mental muscles, plan for interesting conversation by asking everyone to come to meals prepared with news, ideas, jokes and questions to share. Or hold meetings to brainstorm solutions to a family problem. Give each person a turn to talk, and listen respectfully. https://tpitip.com/?31hR8433 Agregue un poco de pensamiento a las actividades familiares https://tpitip.com/?41hR8433
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Experiment with science at home The kitchen is a great place for science experiments. Here are two activities to try with your child: 1. Mix oil and water and watch as they separate. 2. Gently drop an egg into a jar of water. It sinks. Now slowly add salt to the water. The egg floats! After observing the experiments, ask why your child thinks you got the results you did. Talk about ways to find answers, such as going to the library or looking online. https://tpitip.com/?11hR8433 Hagan experimentos científicos en casa https://tpitip.com/?21hR8433
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Calling ALL Teachers!! NCSD is Hiring Teachers for the 21/22 School Year! https://www.applitrack.com/nye/onlineapp/
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Calling All Teachers
NCSD is Hiring! We are ready to hire licensed, qualified special education teachers that are passionate about working with children. https://www.applitrack.com/nye/onlineapp/
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NCSD is Hiring