Press Release: Lift Up Attendance

Nye County School District is partnering with the National Center for Rural Education Research Networks (NCRERN) at Harvard University this school year to pilot a family engagement program designed to increase student attendance rates. Although the University is working in conjunction with Infinite Campus, our student information system, they will not have access to personal student information and will only be working with anonymized data.

Nye County School District students will be randomly selected to receive, or not receive LIFT UP Attendance messaging in addition to the quarterly notices distributed by Nye County School District when a student is chronically absent.

Leveraging Interactions with Families To (L.I.F.T.) Up Attendance is a user-friendly messaging program that provides personalized messages to inform caregivers about their student’s absences each month. Caregivers are provided with information to contact the school if they need support to address barriers to their student’s attendance. LIFT Up Attendance aims to engage and empower families and caregivers as partners in their students’ education by providing transparent, real-time information about attendance patterns.

View a PDF of this press release here.